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How many times can I do tests?

BOFA uses formative learning to teach the pupil. This involves ignoring what they can do and focusing on topics which they cannot.

for example
If your child gets 30 out of 50 on the initial test

they will not do any of these questions again
They will be explained the 20 questions they got wrong
Have 20 extra similar questions which they can repeat “an unlimited number of times”
Then a retest with 20 different similar questions
any incorrect answers are placed in the report

There is no point getting your child to redo questions they can do for an unlimited number of times as they will not learn anything and will get bored while getting turned off the concept of preparing for the exam.


If they have started a test when they are too young; left the clock running for days by not closing the tests with the pause button; or just feel they want to delete it and start again, then there is a restart/retake button available at the end of the retest which will blank the whole of that test. This retake/restart is NOT available for BOFA® Pre-Tests, but if a pupil ends a Pretest with 0% use the contact us page to tell us the pupil username and Pretest with 0% so we can reset it for you.