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What is the difference between the 11+ subscription and the Pre-tests?

Our 11+ subscription site is our unique online learning platform which covers material from 8+ through to 12+, designed to assist pupils in their learning and understanding of syllabus content in preparation for the 11+ exam. All our tests follow our three stage learning process of initial test, followed by tailored teaching and learning before a retest. Although referred to as the 11+ subscription site, a subscription gives you access to all the subscription site material and is therefore suitable for pupils aged 7 to 11 in school years 3 to 6. You can purchase a recurring monthly subscription for £7.99 a month, which can be cancelled at any time, or you can take out a fixed term 3, 6, or 12 month subscription with a one-off payment, prices of which can be found in our 11+ shop.

Our Pre-Tests are an ISEB Common Pre-Test mock exam, they have been designed and created specifically to replicate a Pre-Test exam situation in order to help pupils familiarise themselves with the un-user-friendly format of the Pre-Test exam. The Pre-Test tests follow the same three stage learning process as the 11+ site (test, practice, retest) but the emphasis is on the exam preparation rather than the learning element. Our pretests are sold in packs of 3 as we believe 3 is the minimum number of tests a pupil will need to complete to become comfortable with the format and style of the exam. You can purchase Pre-tests from our Pre-test Shop.