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Here is just some of the feedback we have received since 2008

"Very good service.Planet BOFA is reliable and easy to do.It really helps"    Philipp

"planet bofa is good to practice for 11+ I'm finding it really useful!"    Gracie

"BOFA 11+ is amazing teaching resource that has helped educate many children. Wonderful."    Mia

"I love planet bofa i have improved so much  whilst having fun doing learning"    Anisa

"I used this to practice for my ISEB tests and I got great results because of BOFA"   Kavi

"The pretests are fabulous"   Ali

"I love Bofa it helped a lot with my pretests thankyou Liana age 10"   Liana

"I love bofa soooooo much and it really helped with my pre-tests, i wouldn't have got into my school without it!"  Peter

"I have been exceptionally impressed by the customer service and level of support which Planet Bofa provides – which is extremely refreshing especially when compared to a lot of firms these days!  Thank you once again for all your help and assistance"  Nicholas

"Bofa is the best learning platform ever!"  Hugo

"I think that this website is amazing i really enjoy it. Many thanks to BOFA i am improving a lot!!!!"   Yusra

"Bofa is BOFAMAZING"  Aryan

"I really like it it helps me a lot"   Sujana

"I love bofa it is awesome and gives you great explanations"   Toby 

"I have just passed my 11+!"   Yakub

"I love Bofa it really teaches me and it gives me a lot of methods to try"   Zara


"Bofa is absolutely amazing! I got 141 in my CAT test, thanks to you!!!"   Hugo

"Bofa is a fun way of learning boring things"   Benjamin

"BOFA is a great practice if you are at the stage to do your 11+ exams. Even for the parents it keeps your children entertained and plus it's only £6.99 per month." - Ryan"I have used your service last year in preparing my daughter for the 11+. I am pleased to say that she passed all three exams and really valued using Bofa. I would like to know if you have a program for after 11+, aimed at year 7 and above in order to prepare her at secondary school."  Cherry

"BOFA is the secret ingredient in the recipe for the brain's victory in tests." - Ayush

"Wow, I just want to compliment BOFA, it's helping me with my tests in school. I love it so much, more than anything else in the world!" - David

"My class really are making very good use of BOFA this year - it has been great for their self-directed learning."  Jackie

"Thank you this ia a great way to get my child doing her homework."  Faith

"It's an amazing website, great for 11+!" - Harry

"This website has been very useful in helping me get into my next school. I'm very happy and I can't fault it at all!" James

"Soooo helpful! Love the explanations and practice questions!" - Foxy

"BOFA is the best work website ever, I feel really prepared." - Hannah

"We found the site very beneficial and I will be using it again for my son next year. "  Jo

"BOFA helps me learn in a different way and I love it! It makes me much more confident because I can learn on my own." - Arielle

"I passed my Tiffin exam because of bofa. That is bofantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Jaimal

"It was a great website and will definitely use again for my last daughter in a years time."  Rachel

"BOFA is brilliant, my son feels more comfortable on your site rather than books."  Saravdeep

"Thank you for helping me pass, bofa is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Anuthi

"bofa trained me well, I passed the 11+ 'cos of u bofa! nice work!"  Yusuf

"I've been speaking to our Year 5's parents and recommended your site ... for Kent Test next year."  Nicole

"Bofa is really good and is helping me be more confident for my 11 plus"  Lara

"the explanations are very clear. THANK YOU :)"  Antonia

"omg this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!"  Preet

"BOFA are great i am practicing every day"  Jivan

"I would like to cancel my subscription. Jessica has now successfully taken her 11+ and should be offered a place at our local high school. Many Thanks"  Rob


"COOL"  Jessica

"excellent!"  Charmaine

"Bofa is really helping me and if I carry on doing it I'm sure I will pass my 11+"  Emil

"I think this is the best website :)"  Sam

"This very good"  Sergey

"This very good"  Lawou

"bofa was amazing it gave me explanations for the questions and it helped me through it."  Demi

"love it"  Maryam

"this is awesome and makes you answer every question"  Marcu

"Good practice for me."  Taiwo

"This is really helping!!!!"  Iqra

"the tests are too long"  Eliot

"thanks helped so much. yay bofa is amazing the best website for education in the world"  Gabriella

"This is the best website ever, I feel like doing it everyday"  Labib

"I think bofa is really good!!!!!!!! Bofa is a great way to help learn"  Krishma

"BOFA is helping me a lot"  Stuti

"WOW! What a site! I can see the results in my nonverbal 60% to 100% !"  Audrey

"Really helpful feeling good about 11+ exam bofa is a good tool"  Amelia

"BOFA has taught me loads of new maths like equations!"  Mihika

"I understand it now"  Jeremy

"That was GREAT"  Georgia

"This website really helped my child in GEP! "  Earl Wee

"BOFA really helps!!!!!!!!!"  Charles

"great test! T his is really going to help with 11+ "  Mariia

" I love bofa it is super I know I will pass my 11+"  Riya

"sometimes I get angry when i don't get the answer right but with bofa when it explains what i did wrong it is amazing"  Amal

"yeah thanks bofa"  Kish

"this was really helpful"  Frances


"A-MA-ZING"  Bede

"I will definitely pass my grammar test with this on the go!"  Avleen

"Bofa is awesome. Think about it, it is £5 a month, imagine my tutor is £10 an hour (MONEY STEALER)"  Divine

"GREAT!"  Sathvika

"this was absolutely lovely, a bit complicated but still good for your learning!!!!!"  Utku

"great I love bofa, it's awesome"  Alexis

"One word for you Bofa, AMAZING."  Phoebe

"It's perfect just what Grace needed "  Tabitha

"this website is great fun"  Joel

"its really fun!"  Mosoba

"Bofa is a really good site … the automatic marking is excellent."  Riya

"I LOVE QUICK TESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Anna

"It's a very good website for my child."  Safina

"I'm learning so much this is a great website!!!!!!!!"  Sagal

"I Hope I Pass My 11+ Exams With Awesome BOFANTIC!"  Sarva

"I love bofa "  Hamut

"amazing"  Daniel

"This has really helped me improved so i would like to say thank you "  Hafsah

"Great! I did better than last time"  Rufayah

"Firstly, thank you. My son solely attributes his success to Bofa and now says he loves maths!"  Adiba

"i think the practice bit is quite good"  Amina

"I have done 6 tests and i am really enjoying it"  Sav

"This was quite hard for me but I like it."  Hanna


"This is really good and i am improving on all areas"  Anna

"i passed my tiffin and wallington coz of bofa! bofa is bofantastic"  Susmita

"This is one of the best strategies to learn"  Vanessa

"awesome and amazing... that's all I can say about BOFA"  Boluawe

"fun and simple"  Jasvinder

"I feel great with my score. I feel like passing, before I was scared, now Im not."  Joseph

"Bofa has helped me in my non-verbal which I used to find difficult"  Nuzzat

"It was helpful that you give us a practice section to look at how to do this question. THANKYOU!!"  Maya

"Good Help. Need for son's LCC exam"  Joe

"I love BOFA"  Alliyah

"bofa is bofantastic"  Charlotte

"this is really great"  Kaviya


"bofa has really helped me"  Mitch

"This is a gr8 website, really challenged me"  Arjun

"BOFA has helped me understand so much! THANK YOU BOFA"  Ian

"lovely it really helped practice but could do better"  Shakira

"BOFA is amazing I think it is going to help me pass"  Maria

"THIS IS THE BEST 4 me to get in HEKKI"  Hishaam

"bofa is great it helps me through my learning on the laptop"  Riddhi

"BOFA is sooooo Fun"  Thomas

"These questions are so challenging but I think I will improve because of them BOFA is AMMMMMAZZZIIINNNGGGGG!!!"  Ian

"That's great thank you. Yes we found it very useful. Will use it for my younger daughter in a couple of years."  Rachel

"Please unsubscribe from BOFA. Thank you. The site was useful for RANEEM for his 11+."  Sabeel

"I think bofa is going to make my pass my 11+"  Matthew

"Well Done bofa! I cannot wait to do a test every day!"  Audrey

"I really like bofa it has really helped me with this hard stuff thank you~!!! :-)"  Ardish


"BOFA is helping me I think I will pass."  Sarisha

"This is an epic site to go on and I recommend it to everyone to go on instead of doing it in books."  Amy

"It is a good website for a child's education."  Liam

"I love it"  Ariel

"This is bofantastic!"  Alia

"I don't know how I could owe it back to you bofa...I love you bofa you got me into St. Paul's yay"  Anna

"Great bofa I love doing bofa it will make me pass yay"  Michael

"bofa has really helped me with my entrance exams"  Ellen

"Bofa has made me top of the class. I love bofa!"  Amelia

"this is a really good website"  Harry

" bofa is bofantastic, I am getting 85%"  The Scaddan

"I'm a lot more confident then I was when I used practice books!!!!"  Ursula

"I'm now feeling a whole lot more confident about doing the 11+!!! :)"  Sovenna

"I really love bofa"  Bertie

"It's epic"  David

"i love it"  Ayodeji

"Bofa is amazing it's made learning so easier"  Lewis

"This website has really helped me for my high school exam."  Pepitta

"According to me, BOFA should get a no.1 prize of the century for kid's learning. It has also helped me alot!"  Christian

"these tests have really helped me thanks bofa"  Janesa

"I am definitely going to pass the Sutton Girls grammar test!! "  Maysoon

"This has been a great help!"  Rhoda

"Thank you bofa, I am still learning, but I am sure I will pass my 11+ with bofa's help."  Charlotte

"Not understanding algebra"  Ella

"bofa is the best!!!!!!"  Michelle

"I like Bofa!"  Helena

"it's boffaaasssttiicc!"  mosoba

"I'm starting to enjoy English."  Simon

"helped me for my entrance exams"  Rosie

"I got in 11+ Altrincham school"  Keri

"I LOVE IT!!!!!"  nathan

"Thank you this is a a great way to get my child doing her homework."  Faith

"Instead of dreading my work, with Bofa I want to do work!"  Phoebe A

" I LOVE BOFA! great for my learning and understandings"  Hatty

"...helped my child with the 11+...she got incorrect had a clear explanation... we could work through the examples together."  Savannah

"Thank you these tests are amazing! These are REALLY awesome! "  Sharmila

"easy to use, and quite challenging"  Frances

"brilliant"  Annika

"Thanks so much Andy. oh and bofa is tough but it's the thing that gets your brain working. i love bofa. xxx"  Shania

"I think Bofa is extraordinary! I think it will help me pass my CEM 11plus!"  Shriya

"I would like to Thank BOFA! Its been really helpful! My daughter's exams are over now. "  Saira

"Verbal isn't going to be a trouble for me again thanks to Bofa!"  Krishna

"Bofa really helps me practice for getting into my next school!:)"  Henry

"Very good"  Indira

"Finding these tests, so helpful"  Sophie

"thank you teacher this is so good"  Bennie

"It was a very good experience to study using your website!"  Katarzyna

"it is good fun and brilliant explanation! :)"  Susmita

"this is actually a good site. I understand my mistakes"  Niru

"this site is better than ksol "  Akash

"I AM AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):"  Oliver

"I love bofa so much"  Abi

"I won't hesitate to introduce my little sister in 2 yrs because it is Bofantastic!!!"  Mitch

"It is great help!"  Pupil One

"This is really good!!!!!!!"  Joseph

"I hope you don't let me down BOFA I think your bofantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Utka

"Great. Thank you "  Gloria

"BOFA is bofantastic. It has given me so much of confidence to improve myself in all the subjects…"  Praveen

"It has really helped me and I am now finding the tests way easier than before I started bofa."  Amelia

"This test was not a chore and I found it very helpful!"  Poppy

"Cool"  Isaac


"This was very encouraging and has already expanded my brain more so I can think more openly."  Mitchell

"Not too confusing, nice work bofa! I will pass the 11 plus because of you and I know it!!"  Kieran

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"Bofa is very hard and helps you work out how to work out things"  Keira

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"BOFA is GREAT!"  Emily

"I like it."  Hasmiya

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"thanks"  Eilas

"I am better at English now."  Munisah

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"Hi there, I am writing to end my membership with BOFA as my daughter has passed her 11 plus and no longer needs to use this service I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the invaluable service you provide. This website really helped my daughter. Thank you. "  Mrs Irene Amankrah

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