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5 Secrets About Entrance Exams You Need to Know

5 Secrets About Entrance Exams You Need to Know

Pupils and parents are crippled with stress when it comes to the 11 plus entrance exams. Here are some hints and tips on how to reduce stress and relax when the time comes for preparing for the exam.

1. Organisation is Key from Day 1

Being organised is the first step parents need to take before their child begins to practice any form of content for the entrance exams. Create timetables, set targets and deadline, and your child will find it much easier to keep up with the work to be covered, and to balance this with their own free time.

Staying organised also prevents stress and makes it easier to focus on particular areas and make time for weaker subjects or gaps in knowledge.

2. More Successful Pupils Know Their Times Tables

The secret of good maths skills is knowing the times tables. A pupil who knows their times tables thoroughly will be able confidently work through maths problems and their mental maths skills will be greatly benefitted to.

This immediately puts students ahead as they are able to work a speedier pace in their exam.

Tip: Go over the times tables whenever you have some free time with your child, and print off a times table grid so they can practice often.

3. A Child’s Vocabulary is Key to Their Success

Actively encourage your child to widen their vocabulary and use words they are not confident with, by:

  • Reading daily, anything from fictional books to newsletters
  • Some television and radio
  • Talking with adults during times such as meal times.
  • Using a thesaurus to find new words

             Pupils who do well at the 11 plus exam know somewhere within the region of

             1000-2000 more words than a less successful candidate.

4. Make Lots of Time for Fun

As the entrance exams can cause stress and pressure for both parents and pupils, it is important to keep life as normal as possible, especially as the exam date comes closer!

It is easy to let the pressures of the 11 Plus consume the household but it is important to continue having fun and making free time to relax and reduce stress levels. This will create a normality at home, allowing the pupil to feel un-pressured and confident when entering the exam

5. Exam Day Will Be Stressful

Exam day will be unnatural for pupils as stress levels and nerves will be high. Don’t stress if the pupil reacts adversely to the exam as it is not natural for them to be calm when under pressure at that age. This could cause them to underperform as a result of the intensity of the stress.

You can help lower the child’s stress levels by being reassuring, supportive and providing the best help and preparation you can to help them feel confident walking into their entrance exam.

Exam Day Tips:

  • Don’t cram practice in the night before the exam – this is unproductive!
  • Eat a good breakfast or lunch – depending on the time of the exam
  • Get a good night sleep (be alert and prepared)

Now you’re in on the top 5 secrets, you can help support your child the best you can. Passing or failing the exam is not the difference between life and death!

Remember that the exam isn’t about cramming lots of work in for your child to do, it’s about helping them achieve to the best of their ability and guiding them to achieve a bright future.