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CEM and GL Assessment

CEM and GL Assessment are the two main examining boards for the 11+ for both state school 11+ exams and Independent school 11+ Pre-tests.

CEM is perceived to be the more difficult of the two papers as it is designed to be ‘tutor-proof’, as they don’t produce or endorse any sample material. However, there is so much practice material available for the CEM 11+ that it is impossible for the exam to be tutor-proof, the success of BOFA 11 plus as used by prep schools and tutoring centres demonstrates that pupils who prepare for the exam. 

CEM is also said to be based more closely on the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2, which is the curriculum followed by all state primaries.

Verbal Reasoning differs the most widely between the two examining bodies, and a child’s success in a CEM VR exam will be reliant on them having a strong vocabulary.