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What exam boards are used for the 11+?

What exam boards are used for the 11+?

Fundamentally, all of the exam boards which are used for the 11+ do the same thing and test the same things. The subjects that are tested in the 11+ are English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning (VR) and Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR).

The main two exam boards for the 11+ are CEM and GL Assessment.

Some selective schools such as Eaton, Harrow and Westminster, among others, have their own entrance exam setup to try and make themselves different. Private schools tend to do this to make their exams unique but ultimately it boils down to the core principles of English, Maths, VR and NVR.

One consideration is that, in Maths, pupils may be given a question on a topic which they have never encountered before. They would be expected to apply their knowledge from the subject to this new type of question – this tests their problem solving skills. They shouldn’t be alarmed and feel that they have simply forgotten to learn something or haven’t been taught something.

There aren’t any huge differences between the exam boards. Some have more familiarisation material than others. The way the tests are taken might be slightly different, some are written and some are taken on a computer. Exam boards like to make it look like there are huge differences between themselves in order to try and encourage a bigger market, but ultimately they are still all assessing the same points.

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