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North London Independent Girls' Schools' Consortium 11 plus exam

The London 11+ Consortium (formerly known as North London Girls' Schools Consortium) have made changes to their entrance exam.

BOFA has been used successfully by prep schools as well as tutoring centres to prepare pupils for the  London 11+ Consortium exams. We have seen a large increase in the number of girls using BOFA to prepare themselves for this exam. Although BOFA does not replicate any particular style of exam, if has been proved successful in practising timing.
The BOFA learning platform, using the bespoke 3 stage process to test, teach, and retest is used by the prep schols to prepare pupils for the  London 11+ Consortium exam.

The London 11+ Consortium is one of several setups across the UK. The intention of these consortiums with regards to entrance exams is to try and reduce the number of exams that children must sit.

Pupils in London may through the period of their Year 6 sit in the order of between 8 and 12 entrance exams for different schools, particularly if they live in London. All these exams would be slightly different but would test the same subjects and topics. In this scenario, what consortiums such as the London 11+ Consortium are trying to do is cut down how many exams pupils are taking, by sharing the results of one test between all the schools.

This means that rather than sitting exams every Saturday for between 8 and 10 weeks, pupils will only take one or two exams depending on which schools they have applied to. The exams for Groups A and B are generally sat a week apart.

Recognising the strong correlation between cognitive ability scores and academic attainment, The London 11+ consortium have removed the requirement for candidates to sit lengthy examinations in English and mathematics, instead they now focus on three complimentary assessment approaches:

A bespoke cognitive ability test of 70 minutes, incorporating mathematics, verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions. The questions will mainly be multiple choice;

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A common reference form;

An imaginative interview experience.


The London 11+ Consortium compromises the schools:

Channing School

Francis Holland School (Regents Park)

Francis Holland School (Sloane Square)

The Godolphin and Latymer School

More House School

Northwood College

Notting Hill and Ealing High School

Queen’s College

Queen’s Gate School

South Hampstead High School

St Helen’s School

St James Senior Girls’ School


There are also a few schools for girls in North London which are not part of the consortium:

City of London School for Girls

St Paul’s Girls’ School

Haberdashers’ Aske’s Girls’ School

North London Collegiate School

St Albans High School for Girls