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11 Plus Exams South Eastern England

11+ South Eastern England

The following areas have a selection process for pupils which may or may not be referred to as the 11+, follow the links for further information. Please note that these details can change without notice, as such we cannot guarantee any of the details. But, if you know that any details are incorrect, please contact us asap.


  • Buckinghamshire County council provide an excellent booklet of advice for the parents of children who are about to sit their eleven plus exam. The booklet contains information about selective and non-selective schools in their council area


  • The exam format in Kent is called "The Kent Test". It includes two papers including a mix of Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. There is also a creative writing exercise. 


  • Hertfordshire operates a Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme. This also includes the partially-selective schools in this section.

Medway Towns

  • In Medway all schools use the same test which is produced by GL. To get an overview of the GL test to our GL page.


  • In Reading children will have exams in different subjects depending on which school they go to. The schools in Reading use either the CEM or GL as their examiners.


  • In Slough all schools use the same test which is produced by CEM.