Planet BOFA tests, teaches and retests then tracks student progress, personalising each step, boosting learning with a laser-focus on weaker areas.

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Get 6-months of Maths and English support at home for just £31.99

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Ensure your child's Maths and English learning can continue at home with a 6-month subscription to BOFA KS2, our online learning platform for KS2 children. 

Access to BOFA KS2 is more than just a learning resource, it's a 3-step system: test, teach and retest that ensures your child's academic progress can continue for the duration of their school's closure. It requires minimal input from parents or teachers, and our fully-adaptive system can be set up with just your child's date of birth. We'll then schedule Maths and English tests to optimise their learning, teaching them what they don't know along the way. Children pick up awards and medals to keep their motivation up, rewarding improvement, time-keeping and commitment to learning.

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BOFA KS2 is a great way to encourage your child to engage with home learning and can be used by itself, or alongside anything provided by your child's school. Our 3-step system tracks your child's progress and lets you see which areas they may be struggling with. You get personalised progress reports sent to your inbox anytime your child completes a test to help you keep an eye on their performance. 

Children enjoy using BOFA so it's a great way to keep them busy over the upcoming months, while also making sure that the learning they normally receive at school, continues at home. As well as our 6-month subscription which will cover until September 2020 when schools are likely to reopen as normal, we also offer BOFA KS2 subscriptions on a 1, 3, 9 and 12 month basis - ideal if you're looking for a longer or shorter commitment. You can buy a subscription for 1, 2 or 3 pupils so the whole family can learn.

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