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11+ Information

Understanding how the 11+ exam works can be tricky. That's why we've made it simple by creating useful information pages that answer the most Frequently Asked Questions about the 11+ exam.

A quick summary

The 11+ exam is an entrance examination used by some schools, usually Grammar Schools, to assess whether a child is able enough to attend. It is taken by Year 6 pupils, those in their last year of primary school.

Each 11+ exam will vary from school to school, however the questions asked will cover some, or all, of the following subjects:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-verbal Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • English

Although Mathematics and English are included in the National Curriculum, reasoning is not and schools are not obliged to teach it. Learn about the difference between Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning here

Find more information on the subject content and format of the 11+ exam here.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 11+ exam

How can BOFA help?

BOFA 8+ - 12+ is an online tutoring resource used by parents, schools and tutors to help pupils prepare for their 11+ examination. It uses a unique formative learning approach: test, teach, retest, to identify a pupil's weak areas, and improve these through similar practice questions and simple explanations. Subscriptions to BOFA 8+ - 12+ include full access to our AI-led adaptive testing covering VR, NVR, English and Maths, starting from just £7.99 a month.

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