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Senior School Entrance Assessments


Here we have compiled information about the schools that use a bespoke entrance assesmment as part of their senior school admissions process. (List updated for 2025 entry)


The assessments comprise a combination of some or all of the following subject tests. Please check your target school to see which subjects will be tested, and the duration of each test.

English - comprehension, spelling and grammar based on the National Curriculum

Maths - arithmetic and mathematical reasoning based on the National Curriculum

Verbal Reasoning - problems using words and letters e.g. cracking codes, shuffled sentences

Non-Verbal Reasoning - problems using spatial and visual reasoning e.g. nets of cubes, punched paper folding

Puzzles and Problem Solving - multi-step problem solving and logical reasoning e.g. permutations and combinations,

Creative Comprehension (sometimes called Analysis) - candidates will need to take information from several different sources in order to answer questions e.g. taking information from a written passage and applying it to a map


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Click on your target school below for full details of their assessments and admissions process.

For information about the ISEB Common Pre-Test and the London 11+ Consortium click on the links below.

If you would like more information about the tests taken at this age, feel free to browse our 11+ information page, or our FAQ section.