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11 Plus London

11+ London


  • Where exams are set by GL or CEM these are adjusted to age, this is done to ensure younger children taking the exam are not at a disadvantage. The difference varies by paper and by year but if there is a year gap then the oldest children would need to score roughly 10% more to get the same result as someone a year younger than them.


  • Since 2013, the London Borough of Bexley made changes to the borough’s selective tests for its four grammar schools. Parents now have to inform the school or Local Authority of their wish for their child to sit the exam by completing online registration.


  • There are only two grammar schools in the London Borough of Bromley – St. Olaves for boys and Newstead Wood for girls. Many children applying to these schools will also be applying to grammar schools in Bexley and Kent.


  • As London only has a partial provision of Grammar School places, competition for places is high. Enfield uses CEM papers these are adjusted for different ages, this is done to ensure younger children are not disadvantaged.

Kingston upon Thames

  • The two grammar schools administered by Kingston LEA are Tiffin Girls’ School and Tiffin School (Boys).


  • Children who take the Redbridge test when they are in primary school will not be re-tested. There are no waiting lists for either school beyond the September of Year 7 admission. 


  • None of the grammar schools commonly referred to as being in Surrey get administered by Surrey County Council. However, “Surrey” is used as an umbrella term for the grammar schools in the London Boroughs of Kingston-upon-Thames and Sutton.


  • There are six Grammar Schools in Sutton that children will need to take an 11 Plus Exam to be selected for that school. In Sutton, the Grammar Schools have the same exam. The exam is set in two stages.


  1. Maths and English (possibly GL) 
  2. Maths and English school written