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English Reading


What do the English Reading tests include?

The information found below is designed to help you get the best out of these BOFA tests and to understand formative learning.

The tests contain 2340 questions, in 65 extracts, covering all the syllabus of the NEW Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for English Reading.

The tests are designed to be similar to the Key Stage 2 English Reading Tests and are used from 8+ through to the 12 + exams, including the 11+ English exams for both CEM and GL syllabi.


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Do the English Reading Demo test.

  Some Tips before you start...
  • Print the extract, you can then make notes and highlight key points.
  • Work through the initial test on your own.
  • You can then get help going through the explanations and similar practice questions.
  • Wait as long as possible before doing the retest.
  • Work through the retest, which contains similar questions to your errors on the initial test.
  • You can then see the errors from the retest in the report.
English Reading Test Structure  

  15 minutes

  12 questions in each test

5 Test Levels  
10 tests
English Reading questions for Year 3
15 tests
English Reading questions for Year 4 & 5
15 tests
English Reading questions for Year 5 & 6
15 tests
English Reading questions for Year 6
10 tests
English Reading questions for Year 6
Information for pupils 

  The tests are designed to be done, one per week, after you have covered all the material at each level in school.

  Try and use as large a screen as possible.

  BOFA will assess understanding and fill in any gaps in your knowledge.

  Your parents and teachers will be emailed your progress.

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Do the English Reading Demo test.

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English Reading 12+ Tests Start Tests

What do the buttons do?

START Start a new test.

CONTINUE Continue a test you've already started. You might not have finished the practice or re-test stage.

RETAKE Retake a test you have previously taken. This will delete the previous test data and start from scratch.

REPORT View the questions you got wrong at the end of the re-test.

Test Date Time spent Initial Improvement Uncounted Final score Options
English Reading 12+ Test 1     Start
English Reading 12+ Test 2    
English Reading 12+ Test 3    
English Reading 12+ Test 4    
English Reading 12+ Test 5    
English Reading 12+ Test 6    
English Reading 12+ Test 7    
English Reading 12+ Test 8    
English Reading 12+ Test 9    
English Reading 12+ Test 10    
  Level Extracts
Test English Reading 12+ Test 1
Options Start
  Level Extracts